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We are now offering a customer loyalty discount structure -Any order over $250.00 retail dollars will receive a 10% discount.  If you spend over $1000.00 dollars with Wizzard form July 1 thru June 3oth you will receive a 10% discount for the following year, 20% discount if you spend over $2500.00.  All dollar figures are excluding wiztrackz, anyone purchasing a wiztrack will get a 10% discount for one year, from date of shipping.

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Welcome to the freshly updated Wizzard web site!

We have totally recreated our site with a fresh look and feel with you, the H.O. racers, enthusiasts & hobbyists everywhere specifically in mind. Our Product Catalog section is now product oriented to allow everyone greater ease and flexibility in understanding the extensive Wizzard product lineup and to facilitate parts ordering as well. The Wiztrackz section has also been expanded with even more examples of the almost infinite possibilities available when developing a track layout that best suits your racing preferences and style. And all of our regular features remain intact and updated, including the Wizzard Tech/Message Board which has steadily grown to become the most popular and widely read H.O. BBS on the Internet.

All of us at Wizzard High Performance, Inc. are quite proud of our past accomplishments and look forward to bringing our customers even more new and exciting products in the future to keep you on the leading edge of H.O. racing technology and at the forefront of the H.O. racing hobby. Because just as our mission statement emphatically states, we've always been Dedicated To The Highest Performance In Slot Cars since 1989. So please feel free to contact us at any time with your input and suggestions about how we can serve you better.

Bob, Cheryl & RC

P.S. - The webmaster says our new site is best viewed at 800X600 pixel screen resolution with your browser text set to medium. Whatever that means.

 New Product Announcements

Updated Wizzard Product Catalog, Adobe Acrobat .pdf

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Storm car with ceramic grade compression molded polymer magnets with hard body

Now available in Fluorescent Colors -Blue, green, orange, red, white and yellow

Colors - Blue, green, orange, red, white and yellow

1 Each



Storm car with ceramic grade compression molded polymer motor magnets, Neo traction magnets with hard body

Now available in Fluorescent Colors -Blue, green, orange, red, white and yellow

Colors - Blue, green, orange, red, white and yellow

1 Each



Storm hard body - $8.00  colors- blue, black, green, orange, purple, red, sky blue, white and yellow

and Fluorescent colors - Blue, green, orange, red white and yellow

1 Each


WS60 Stock Storm ceramic grade compression polymer motor magnets 1 Pair $10.00
WS61 Stock Storm ceramic grade compression polymer traction magnets 1 Pair $8.00
MHP60 Storm High Level compression molded Ceramic Polymer Motor Magnets 1 pair $15.00
MHP61 Storm High Level compression molded Ceramic Polymer Traction Magnets 1 pair $10.00
MHP51B Storm Neo Traction Magnets (plastic shim included)

1 Pair $25.00
E84 T-Jet Pick-up Shoe Spring 1 pair $1.00
E84A T-Jet Pick-up Shoe Spring 10 Pair $9.00
  This spring has more tension than a stock spring, for easy use and less arcing from your cars. They change an AML shoe from 1.5 grams of tension to 2.2-2.3 grams of tension, which is the starting point for most fray racers. This is just another easier way to make your cars faster, easier and more affordable than all other competitors.    
TJS-spacers Our T-Jet spacers now have a .066 ID hole, as requested by the racers    

WTS01- Thunder Storm now with a hard body and ceramic grade compression molded polymer motor magnets - $54.95 each

Meet the Thunder Storm:
If you’ve not heard about the Thunder Storm car yet, where have you been? Its the first car of its type to hit the market. The Thunder Storm may well be the biggest thing to hit H.O. slot racing in decades. What’s all the excitement about? Wizzard has put together a brilliant combination of components to come up with a “non-magnet” version of the Storm car, including vibration dampening weights and new tires, dubbed the Thunder Storm. Far from being simply a magnet car with the traction magnets removed, it’s an entirely new concept in many ways. In one fell swoop, Wizzard has moved the goalposts for all H.O. slot car manufacturer’s and proves, once again, why they’ve been the technology leader in H.O. slot racing since 1989.

Why a Thunder Storm? With the speed of today’s high-performance magnet cars increasing so much, even in box stock form, the release of this new, non-traction magnet car has been perfectly timed. Not only does it run at a much more realistic speed, Its a great entry level class to bring in new racers. After months of testing and sorting, we are proud to offer the not only the first, but the best car of its type. Based on the current power supplies used everywhere, and with most of the same parts used in faster classes of racing, not only will you enjoy the concept, you will save your hard earned money. Unlike more expensive versions, the Thunder Storm is more than capable of running on lower voltages. With that in mind, FINALLY, there is a car that car run on both 12 and 18 volt powered tracks with equal success.

WTS13 Brass Thunder Storm independent front end 1 Set $9.00
WTS13A Brass Thunder Storm independent front rims

1 Pair


Exploded Storm Car Schematic


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