IRL Screwed Helio

Posted by: The Traveler

IRL Screwed Helio - 09/03/08 12:50 AM

Penalizing Helio for blocking without giving a warning was a very controversal decision and could cost Helio a fair run at the championship. They should've penalized Target/Ganassi when Wledon caused the caution to come out ironically when Dixon really needed gas help. Oh and by the way how about running to time and not finishing the last 3 laps which would've surely sent Dixon to the pits for more gas in order to finish!!! That was probably the worst thing IRL could've done for the series. mad They really screwed Helio and race fans of a good race!!! mad
Posted by: wizzardAdministrator

Re: IRL Screwed Helio - 09/06/08 11:48 AM

Are they gay? If I was looking to screw somebody, Danica does come to mind.................... hysterical
Posted by: smalltime

Re: IRL Screwed Helio - 09/06/08 04:47 PM

I think the fact the Paul Newman is very sick may have something to do with it.