The best F1 race of the year

Posted by: smalltime

The best F1 race of the year - 09/06/08 04:41 PM

OK Dudes,
The best race of the year is TOMORROW!

The F1 grand prix at Spa starts around 6:00 am c.t. on Speed. It is the favorite track of almost all of the drivers, and it normally rains at some point during the race.

If for no other reason to tune in, the ride you get on prerace with the pole run is worth getting up early for.
Posted by: cloudhopper

Re: The best F1 race of the year - 09/12/08 04:13 PM

It was an incredible race. Too bad they had to penalize Hamilton. If anything, Kimi should have been called down for his blocking move. F1 is showing once again their favoritism for Ferarri. This time was even more blatent. If their favoritism doesn't end soon, many fans will leave and not come back.
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Re: The best F1 race of the year - 09/15/08 09:10 AM

No matter it be a national, International, or local racing authority there will always be favoritism.
Posted by: c-racer

Re: The best F1 race of the year - 09/16/08 01:19 PM

What was the final result of the appeal? Has it been resolved yet?

Did anyone watch the race from Monza? What in the world happened? Can someone fill me in?