Jet Fest!!!!!!!

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Jet Fest!!!!!!! - 07/13/04 10:21 AM

Race web site with track pictures:


Beach Jets, Classic Jets, Trans Am,
and Hard Body Super Stock

SLOT CHAOS vs. Mid-Atlantic

$100 1st Prize BOTH GROUPS!!!
Trophies and Prizes Awarded!

Vendor's Welcome!!! Reserve Now!!!

September 3-5
Friday - Practice
Saturday - Classic & Beach Jets, starts @ Noon
Sunday - Super Stock & Trans Am, starts @ 11am
Fee: $20, weekend

For more information contact: Brian

Slot Chaos now has two great tracks,
with the addition of a 4x16 continous rail Tomy track
to the relatively new 4x16 WizTrack. The shop has
been expanded, with twice the space of the old shop.
They have taken over the adjacent unit, so there is
plenty of pit space now. The BeachJet and TransAm
races are to MARS rules. The VHORS Classic Class, is
the rules for the individuals at the Shootout. This
is great venue to get your cars ready for the
Shootout, just a month after the Jet Fest.
VHORS Classic Class rules:

Slot Chaos Hard Body SuperStock T-Jet Rules:

Weight: not to exceed 23.5 grams

Body: Hard body must cover front and back wheels and
chassis. Hard bodies must be stock with no exterior
alterations. Removable pieces may be removed without
creating openings to the chassis or wheels. Windshield
rear window are not required. Side windows are not
necessary unless they are original part of the body.
Bodies may be lightened without cutting through the
body with the
exception of the grill area opening of the body.

Armature: Stock Aurora or Johnny Lightning arms must
ohm no less than 13.5.

Tires: Fronts may be independent. Rear tires can be
coated sponge ( super tires).

Gears: Any size pinion and crown gears can be used.
may be lightened.

Magnets: Motor magnets will be stock ceramic only. No
cutting or shaving magnets. Magnets may be shimmed.

Axles: Any axles are permitted. Hollowed axles are

Chassis: Stock chassis only. No lightening or
alterations to
the chassis. Gear rails may be cut down level to the
to the front gear.

Brushes/Shoes/Electrical: Stock, silver, or gold
systems are allowed including springs, shoes, and
Shoes must be step shoes not able to bridge across