Mascar 7 race results

Posted by: tifosi

Mascar 7 race results - 04/12/04 09:33 PM

MASCAR 7 was held at Slot Chaos in Hayes, Virginia
this past Saturday. This was the closing race in our
series for this season. Thanks go out to Brian
Edwards and Mark Smith for hosting this event and
being such a positive force in our hobby. We look
forward to racing there again next season. Thanks
also go out to the other race hosts during MASCAR's
second season: Jack Hynes of White Rock Raceway in
Maryland, Shawn Molter's Kempsville Motor Speedway in
Virginia, and Vernon Dew's Apocalypse Raceway in
Durham, NC.

Thanks, also to all the competitors who raced with
us during the season. A total of 57 in Super Stock
and 38 in BeachJet. MASCAR proves that if you give
them a place, T-Jet and magnet car lovers can race
together, for the good of the hobby/sport. Racers
from North Carolina, Maryland, District of Columbia,
Florida, as well as Virginia raced together in
friendly competition.

Full race report, with all the gory details, is on the
MASCAR web site:

Final point standings are also linked from the MASCAR
Home page.

See you next season,