MASCAR 4 presented by brp...

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MASCAR 4 presented by brp... - 11/29/06 10:46 AM

brp presents the fourth race in the MASCAR series championship, which is scheduled for Saturday, December 16th. The venue is Shawn "Mr. On-Slot" Molter's Suffolk Raceway in Suffolk, Virginia.

This race is for Fray/VHORS T-Jets (BeachJet rules), and Super Stock magnet cars and is presented by Bowman Racing Products, your source for T-Jet go-fast parts and the Wizzard Thunder Storm.

Additionally there will be a round of the Wizzard Thunder Storm IROC series, with cars and controllers furnished by MASCAR and Wizzard High Performance.

Suffolk is easily reached from Hampton Roads by taking Highway 58 West, and from Richmond, by taking I95 South to US 460 East.

Track Pix and directions on the MASCAR web site:

Points thru MASCAR 3 have been updated on the web site.
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Re: MASCAR 4 presented by brp... - 12/19/06 09:00 PM

brp presented the plaques to the winners at Suffolk Raceway on Saturday, also showing the racers the new Bat-Jets, coming this week. The big winner was former MASCAR president, Steve Jones. Steve made another of his infrequent visits and handily won the Wizzard Thunder Storm IROC race and then knocked off the fast guys in the Super Stock race as well. James Kennedy continued his winning ways in BeachJet, holding off Lewis Wuori and Jeff Crabtree, for his second win in a row.
Full results and pictures of the race on the website:

Visit our race sponsors:
brp the maker of Bat-Jet racing resin bodies, and purveyors of go fast parts from all the usual suspects.
Wizzard High Performance, makers of the Thunder Storm, a new breed of HO car:

MASCAR 5 will be at Steve's in Richmond, with the date tentatively set at Saturday, January 20th.