MASCAR 7 in Port Haywood Virginia

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MASCAR 7 in Port Haywood Virginia - 02/28/07 12:08 PM

Round 7 is Saturday March 17th at Mark Smith's Raceway. Classes are BeachJet (Fray/VHORS legal) and Modified.
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Re: MASCAR 7 in Port Haywood Virginia - 03/18/07 08:13 PM

"Slot Chaos" racing returns in the wilds of coastal Virginia this past Saturday. The sad day last October when Virginia's only commercial raceway closed down, was brought full circle as Mark Smith recreated Slot Chaos in his garage. The MASCAR and old Slot Chaos crowd showed up in force, for a wild day of T-Jet and magnet car racing. Mark's lovely wife, Sandy, out did herself with a great luncheon buffet. Then the well fed 18 runners took to the 4x16' Tomy continous rail road course for the BeachJet race. In the end after lots of tail sliding drifting...North Carolina's Lewis Wuori came though the dust with a TQ and followed with a win from the A Main. James Kennedy and Jeff Crabtree tried to keep Lewis in sight, but it was his day from the get go. With a long afternoon of T-Jet sliding completed, another meal was on offer, from Sandy's buffet...this time we had lasagna to fortify the racers for the high speed Modified class on the other track in the garage: The
Terd. For this race we had 10 racers left, as the speed challenged T-Jet crowd left for calmer pastures. After countless cars on the floor in the B Main, the guys in the A Main showed the rest of us how to drive these ballistic missiles. James Kennedy drove his Wizzard Storm to victory less than two laps up on Jeff Crabtree after 20 minutes of racing!

Pictures of the race and the new Slot Chaos:

Next race, MASCAR 8 is back at Mark's April 21st, don't be the one Virginia racer not there!

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