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MASCAR RACE #6 - 02/26/04 01:47 PM

Well guys it is time to get things started and get the hype going on. We will be racing Beach Jets and Super Stocks at the raceway called Collective Chaos in Gloucester Va. we will be racing March 13, 2004 the weekend after the Series race at the same shop. We hope to get some of the series racers stay and have some fun and join into what we have going here in Va.

We had a good time at the last race in North carolina and we had three different groups of racing at that event and things went without any problems. We came together and raced all differnt types of racing. laugh We have been growing leaps and bounds in this group and we hope to continue a great relationship with the surrounding groups of racers. We would like to invite all to come and see what we have going on here in Va. and take part of something special here! Hope to see everyone at the races........ laugh :p

Fell free to contact me or go to or and click onto the MASCAR BBS for details and directions to the shop.

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Re: MASCAR RACE #6 - 03/09/04 12:18 PM

If you missed your chance to race with the top racers
in UFHORA this past Saturday at Collective Chaos, you
have another chance this Saturday to race on the CC's
Wizz Track. Chaos racing is a great shop, with
Virginia's largest selection of HO slot car products.
The unique regional MASCAR formula of T-Jets and
magnet cars return to our favorite track, March 13th.
Check the race page for details:
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Re: MASCAR RACE #6 - 03/15/04 08:57 PM

Hi Racers...

It was a another great race at Virginia's top
shop, Slot Chaos in Hayes. BeachJet and Super Stock
were the classes and MASCAR joined with the regular
Saturday night racers for a great crowd. Check it out
on our club site:

Next race is CRL Hardbody and Super Stock, again at
Slot Chaos...April 10th!