VASCRA - Vintage Aurora Slot Car Racers Alliance

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VASCRA - Vintage Aurora Slot Car Racers Alliance - 08/16/07 03:01 PM

VASCRA - Vintage Aurora Slot Car Racers Alliance

Southwestern Pennsylvania, West Virginia Northern Panhandle, Southeastern Michigan

September 15, 2007
Vintage American Sedans
Heidelberg Raceway, Host: Jeff Albitz
Doors open 6:00 PM
Planned race events:
1. Stock class T-jets with Vintage American Sedan bodies
2. Super stock T-jets
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Re: VASCRA - Vintage Aurora Slot Car Racers Alliance - 09/06/07 01:42 PM

The American Sedan bodies will be defined as follows:

1. Any stock class legal body that was available as a real car as a four door American sedan from 1949-1974, excluding well known muscle cars and NASCAR stock car racers. The spirit of the class is for big American highway cruisers. Examples:



?67 Thunderbird

?67 Galaxie XL500


Green Hornet

MM ?55 Chevy

MEV - many 50's and 60's cars

2. The body must have a roof as originally manufactured. Convertibles and other open cockpit cars are not permitted.

3. The body must be LWB and the chassis must be set-up as LWB.

4. Race car markings such as numbers, roundels, sponsor decals, etc., are no permitted on the cars. Again, we are looking to see highway cruisers on-track and not race cars.

5. In the spirit of encouraging the use of original Aurora bodies for this class, the stock class body rules will be loosened slightly for this class only to allow slightly cut wheel wells. A body with significantly hogged out wheel wells or demolition derby looking bodies will be disqualified at pre-tech.

6. The previously mentioned ?alternatives? for this event will not be permitted since they are common body types as muscle cars and NASCAR racers: Torino, MM ?67 Chevelle, JL Ford Fairlane.