MASCAR Racing in Virginia

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MASCAR Racing in Virginia - 08/15/08 10:11 AM

MASCAR 1 - "The 3rd Annual Fall Classic" Saturday, September 20th at Mark Smith's Raceway, Port Haywood, Va

This is the first race in our new format, of alternating T-Jet and magnet car classes. This race is for BeachJets, similiar to Fray/VHORS Super Stock cars. Race is on a Wizzard built 4 x 16' continous rail Tomy track, with S&H power supply power.

An optional bonus race, in a quick round robin format will also be run:
stock T-Jet, unbalanced arm, stock wheels, skinny silicones, Injection molded body.

Venue pix and directions:
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Re: MASCAR Racing in Virginia - 09/21/08 02:41 PM

MASCAR had it's first race of the season, and the first of our split schedule (i.e. alternating T-jet and magnet car races) at Mark Smith's Raceway in Port Haywood, VA on Saturday. The turnout was somewhat limited, as a number of members had conflicting obligations. The racing however was fast and furious, and records fell in the on-slot!

Race Report:

Race Schedule for the rest of 2008:

October 11 - Tim Keevin's Raceway in Gloucester Pt., VA - Super Stock
November 1 - Tom Bowman's in Virginia Beach, VA - BeachJet & Trans-Am
November 22 - Ronnie Jamerson's in Gloucester, VA - Modified
December 13 - Jeff Crabtree's in Gloucester, VA - BeachJet
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Re: MASCAR Racing in Virginia - 10/14/08 11:22 AM

MASCAR had it's second race of the season at Tim Keevin's MaxTrak in Gloucester Point, Virginia on Saturday. The usual fast guys had some trouble and Ronnie Jamerson streaked to the win. Full race report:

Next race is T-Jets on Saturday, November 1st in Virginia Beach. BeachJets (Fray and VHORS are legal) and extra class is the old MARS TransAm class. See the rules here:http://www.bat- mars-ta.html

Track pix and directions: