BeachJet at the Beach!

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BeachJet at the Beach! - 10/16/08 04:29 PM

MASCAR is hosting T-Jet races Saturday, November 1st on my Bianchi magnetic braid track in Virginia Beach. Classes are BeachJet (Fray/VHORS are legal) and MARS TransAm. Track Pix and directions:

Web site with full rules and everything else:
Posted by: tifosi

Re: BeachJet at the Beach! - 11/02/08 11:33 AM

A great day of racing on my Bianchi Magnetic braid track in Virginia Beach...the usual crowd was supplemented by legendary caster and proxy racer, Roger Corrie. Also local 1/32nd driver, Randy Curley joined in his first HO race. Both were very competitive, and gave as good as they got. Some of the new drop front ends were given some good runs.

Full race report:
(Scanned race sheets will be uploaded on Sunday)

Next race is for the Modified class (3 ohm arms with polymer traction magnets), at Ronnie Jamerson's Church Hill Raceway in Gloucester, Va.
Saturday, November 22nd.

Points are updated on the website: