1st OH/KY Series Race

Posted by: for88

1st OH/KY Series Race - 08/07/04 11:58 PM

Results will be coming, but not tonight! I do want to thank all that
entered this first race of the series and congratulate Tom O. on
winning with Greg C. second, Bobby W. third, and Josh Bowman fourth.
Nice running guys and I believe if there was one more round of racing
that Josh might have been the man to beat!! My thoughts, but that
young un can run a car! Thanks Adam for making the trek down with us
and Everett also. Dave you are the man of the week in the group from
Team CYA nice top finish from our team. Jon between you and me it is
very trying between us, we are so close, nice racing! Fred, hope your
arm gets better fast and that car after you changed the body really
came to life and hope to race with you again soon! Scotty as usual it
was good to see ya again. Louis also made the trek down and was not
on the bottom this time! Good running Louis. You and Everett both had
your racing moments that showed you can run one of these little !@#$%
wheels right off!! Steve and Randy what nice 1:1 vehicles you guys
drove to the race!! Really nice!! As I mentioned results will be
coming hopefully by tomorrow night! What a start to a series where
guys came to race from as far away as Virginia Beach which makes me
see I didn't give Tom Bowman an honorable mention, nice seeing you
again Tom and you had a nice 5th place finish! You guys are tough!!!!
Bill Morton from Auto Hobby ran also to round off a field of sixteen!
Thanks Greg for the hospitality shown to all of us and I'm over and
out!! Bob