HO Racers Memorial Grand Prix

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HO Racers Memorial Grand Prix - 11/30/08 08:02 AM

We have had to change the location and date for the next HOCOC race because the original location is in the middle of remodeling.

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Race Postponed - 12/12/08 06:48 PM

Due to widespread flooding problems we have decided to postpone tomorrow's race. My place will be available on Saturday the 20th, but we have not yet announced a firm date. Please contact me if that date will work for you. If too many people are unable to make it on the 20th we can make other arrangments.

Rich Dumas
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New Date - 12/15/08 07:45 PM

The HO Racers Memorial Grand Prix will be held at East Haven Raceway on Sunday, January 18th. There will only be one NSC race. See you there!
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Re: HO Racers Memorial Grand Prix - 01/17/09 10:05 PM

Due to the storm that is predicted for tomorrow the HO Racers Memorial Grand Prix has been moved, hopefully for the last time, to January 25th.

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Re: HO Racers Memorial Grand Prix - 01/26/09 09:55 PM

HO Racers Memorial
January 25, 2009
East Haven Raceway, East Haven, CT.
HOCOC sanctioned

Race Results

NSCS Sportsman
1st Richard Dumas # 15
2nd Al Perschilli # 3
3rd Kevin Westgate # 15 X
4th Jim Tyma # 6
5th Ray Haskett # 2
6th Doug Krajewski # 24

International Sedans
1st Richard Dumas # 7
2nd Kevin Westgate # 38
3rd Jim Tyma # 22
4th Ray Haskett # 19

All Pro Late Models
1st Al Perschilli # 25
2nd Jim Tyma # 44
3rd Ray Haskett # 38
4th Kevin Westgate # 5

1st Richard Dumas # 3
2nd Kevin Westgate # 2
3rd Ray Haskett # 25
4th Jim Tyma # 54