Upcoming events in NC

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Upcoming events in NC - 10/21/07 09:14 AM

The HOSCCNC's next event will be on Sunday, Oct. 28th in Winston-Salem, NC on the 5' by 27' road course and on the the 4' by 16' Wizz Track. The classes will be:
MASCAR "BeachJets" on the big road course
M/T's-X/T's on the Wizz Oval
440-X2's on the big road course
The tracks will be open for practice at 9AM. We'll start tech at 12:30 and start racing at 1:30PM. If anyone would like further information and/or rules for the classes please e-mail me at Rawafx@msn.com

On Sunday, Nov. 11th I'll be hosting a HOCCOC Southern Sportsman Series event. Here is a link to the race flyer:

Here are some great reasons to attend these events:
The racing is competitive, but in a relaxed "let's have fun" atmosphere
New racers are ALWAYS welcomed and helped out by their fellow competitors
The collection of old and new HO scale slot cars/accessories/brochures/etc. to see alone make the trip worthwhile!!!

Again, for more information please e-mail me at Rawafx@msn.com
For directions, use your favorite web page site(Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, etc) and the address below.


Bob Weichbrodt
5771 Candlewood Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27127-9702
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Re: Upcoming events in NC - 10/22/07 06:23 AM

The M/T-X/T race will be on the Wizzard road course.

Bob Weichbrodt