Second Half race date changes for MASCAR

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Second Half race date changes for MASCAR - 03/22/09 01:52 PM

Here's some schedule changes to MASCAR races after the April 11th race at the Beach:

Mar 28 - Ronnie Jamerson, Gloucester, VA - Super Stock

Apr 11 - Tom Bowman, Virginia Beach, VA - BeachJet

May 9 - Dan Mueller, Chesapeake,VA - Modified

May 30 - Ronnie Jamerson, Gloucester, VA - BeachJet

Jun 20 - Jeff Crabtree, Gloucester, VA - Super Stock Bat-Jet resin bodies and racing parts Tom Bowman's Web Spot MASCAR: Mid Atlantic HO Racing
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Re: Second Half race date changes for MASCAR - 03/29/09 09:59 PM

MASCAR held a Super Stock event on Ronnie Jamerson's Church Hill Raceway this past Saturday. Steve Jones was down from Richond to keep Ronnie honest and took TQ. In the end, attrition took it's customary toll, and Ronnie set the track record with his G3R. First win for a non-Wizzard car in this year's magnet car races. Full details are on the race report:

Next event is T-Jets at my Virginia Beach Raceway, Saturday April 11th.