MASCAR 14 season ending races...

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MASCAR 14 season ending races... - 06/21/09 12:11 AM

Our season ending 14th race was for Super Stock magnet cars. Everyone had a Storm, except Ronnie Jamerson trying his G3 out.
Jeff Crabtree only seems to make his own races, but he had his Storm in solid control today. Rick Carter from New Jersey was down with his family visiting Virginia's Busch Gardens, and decided to take in some Virginia HO racing too. He put in a stout performance all day, and only Jeff had him covered. New racers Sarah Gemmel and Danny Johns had some fun and brightened up the garage, on a very HOT day.

Awards Race: July 11th at Tim Keevin's:

Jamerson Cup: August 15h at Ronnie Jamerson's:
Jamerson Cup Race 2009 to be held August 15th @ Church Hill Raceway. Amature Modified and Modified classes will be ran. Trophy for winner in each class money pay out for top four in each class. Entry fee 10.00 for each class and 10.00 for meals. Doors will be open at 8 am . Look forward to seeing you all !!!!! Ronnie Jamerson
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Re: MASCAR 14 season ending races... - 06/22/09 11:23 PM

That race was a blast and Jeff was a very gracious host. I can hardly wait for the next season to start.... See you all at the NATS

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Re: MASCAR 14 season ending races... - 08/16/09 10:59 PM

Saturday the fast guys were running at the annual Jamerson Cup races for Modified and Amateur Modified magnet cars, on Ronnie Jamerson's 4x16' Wizzard track in Gloucester, Va. This is MASCAR's annual end of season money racing spectacular.

Jamerson Cup race report:

MASCAR 2009-2010 Schedule:

First race of the new season is also the MASCAR debut race for Dan Mueller's Six laner routed track in Chesapeake, Virginia on Saturday, September 26th.
Directions and track pix: