North Carolina racing...

Posted by: tifosi

North Carolina racing... - 10/12/04 09:45 AM

Race number 2 in the MASCAR championship is at Ron Brna's track in Raleigh, North Carolina, Saturday October 30th. Ron has a very fast Tomy track on a 6 x 18'8" table. There are some of the new 18" radius turns in this layout, so it looks like very fast motors and 14 tooth gears for T-Jets are going to be the order of the day.

Pictures and directions are on the race page:

Classes are BeachJet (note: rear windows are required, per BeachJet Rules) and Modified magnet cars ( 3 ohm limit, ceramic motor magnets, polymer traction magnets)

MASCAR rules, race results, bbs and all other important links are on the home page for MASCAR: