MASCAR 12: Return of the Mods

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MASCAR 12: Return of the Mods - 04/16/10 09:09 PM

Round 12 of the MASCAR Championship is at Mark Smith's speed bowl, with the hyperactive Modified class, Saturday April 24th.
Mods are 3 ohm magnet cars, with polymer traction magnets, and the fastest class raced by MASCAR.

Track pix and directions to Port Haywood, Virginia:
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Re: MASCAR 12: Return of the Mods - 04/24/10 11:36 PM

Yes, it's true and little South of Margaritaville is the home of Mark Smith, in the rural tidewater environs of Mathews County for the second time this season the fastest class we race, the magnificent Mods, return for a rematch on the high banks of Mark's Terd. This time the weather was better and no big snow storm like February's blizzard to keep Richmond's Steve Jones away. Steve had the alpha dog in the hunt, and other contenders were scrambling over the scraps. MASCAR's full pictorial race report:

Round 13, makes a trip to North Carolina, to race on the fabulous Bowman Lunacy, at Lewis Wuori's...on Saturday, May 22nd.
Track picture and directions:

The MASCAR trophy race will be at Robby Whiteed's new TKO 6x20' Six laner in Williamsburg, VA on July 10th.
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Re: MASCAR 12: Return of the Mods - 04/30/10 01:25 PM

Well guys it was a very fast and fun race. There were guys who could have won this race easily. Tom Bowman, Mark Smith, Dan Mueller, Jeff Crabtree all had cars to win. I ran my T1 car due to the Mid Atlantic's race coming up. I did not want to mess my set up on my Storm. The day went well and the weather was great. NO SNOW in sight this time. Many thanks to Mark and Sandy for hosting a great race with plenty of food and drinks to be had by all. I am looking forward to racing at Ronnie's Jamerson in June. This will be a barn burner for everyone to make this race. June 12, 2010.... Make plans to attend this pre nats race that will bring out guys from the North and South..... smile See everyone there!