MASCAR Double Header!

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MASCAR Double Header! - 04/05/11 11:09 PM

Saturday, April 16th...Robby Whiteed's 6 lane 6'x20' TKO routed track hosting BeachJets and Modifieds. It's been a couple of years since we regularly raced a T-Jet and magnet car race at the same event, but counter problems at the last race in February mean't the only fair recourse is to re-run the BeachJet race.
So the upshot is our slowest class, BeachJet, and our fastest class, Modified, are on the schedule. Modifieds are 3 ohm arms and polymer traction magnets. Here's a chance to enjoy some high speed HO slot car action on one of the finest tracks in the country.
2-12-11 race report:

Track pix and directions:
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Re: MASCAR Double Header! - 04/17/11 08:37 PM

We had a really long day on Saturday, with T-Jets being first up...with a re-run of February 12th race, which suffered PC timing problems. This led to a C n' B race, but unfamiliarity with the scoring caused some issues. So the bottom line for club peace and harmony, the race was rerun. Steve Jones was back from NJ for this race, and borrowed a RJ-Jet rocket from Dan Mueller which led to the top qualifying spot. In the round robin, Dan Mueller won by sections over track owner, Robby Whiteed. This pattern would continue during the rest of the day. The 6 man A Main had Tom Bowman edging Steve by a lap, with Dan taking Robby by two sections.
The second race was our ballistic modified class, and some of these racers spent more time on the floor than they did on the track! NC's own Joey Cassiba took the pole with his ThunderCat, followed by Ronnie Jamerson's Storm and Steve's G3. The 2.5 minute round robin saw Steve Jones put down a serious run, Joey was back 15 laps and Ronnie back another 3. This lead to the A Main, which had Steve put the field away with a near 100 lap lane average, chased by Ronnie. Joey had car problems and MASCAR points leader, Jeff Crabtree, came up to take third from the B Main. Tom got 4th, Robby finished 5th by 15 sections over Dan. While all this was going on, everyone's cell phones were ringing non-stop as the stormy weather affecting the South, arrived and the Gloucester area had a tornado touch down. Our two part race report is here, with full pix and race data:

May 7th is the next round is #12 at Mark Smith's Port Haywood, VA racing complex for the BeachJet class.
Track pix and directions:
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Re: MASCAR Double Header! - 04/24/11 08:03 AM

Tom, it was a very good race. The track ran with no issues at all. Robbie the track in fine shape. Racing was close and heated. Borrowing that car from Dan was a great decision, it was smooth, fast and handled. It is making me want to get one for next season. I know if I spend a little more time with them, I can have a better handle on the driving part. Stay tuned for updates and appearances at the T-jet races...... Lol

It was good to see everyone again. I am very glad at t he turn out for the race. If we can get a few more of the T-jet guys to commit to running some more magnet cars we will have a great club. The modifieds were flying around that track. I was very surprised at the lap times that was being out down. They were alot faster then the practice session by 2 tenths or more. Wow! I am sorry that jeff didn't have a better showing at thd,race. He seemed to be struggling all day with both classes.

I hope with all of my help I made those cars faster for those guys. I know Mark seemed very happy as time went on. I know his car was a bullet. Nice job Mark. Ronnie was very impressive driving his T-jet with his left hand. The whole day was a blast for me.

Even though the weather outside was dark and rainy, we had a great day of racing. I am glad that everyone's family was ok,with the tornado's flying around. Our best wishes goes out to Mark's sister in law, Cheryl. Her home was damaged during the storm. Also to Vernon, his home was also damaged during the storm. They both are doing well.

Glad to hear that Lewis and Joey made it home safely. There were resports of roads closed due to trees down, all around us.
Se everyone at the next race I can make.
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Re: MASCAR Double Header! - 04/25/11 10:52 PM

It was great having you back racing with us. The work you did on my Mod was fantastic and got me into the A-main for sure. Glad the Tjet worked for was too much of a monster for me to drive. Besides, my 9tooth was nearly as fast and I could run that one into the ground...just not as well as you and

See you at the MId-Atlantics

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Re: MASCAR Double Header! - 04/25/11 11:11 PM

Dan, I rebuilt your other Modified for you. It sounds just as good as the other car you ran. I hope it runs as good. Can't wait for this weekend!.....