MASCAR Awards Races

Posted by: tifosi

MASCAR Awards Races - 07/16/11 11:45 PM

We had a great day of racing brass cars and Mega G IROC's on the Chesapeake Mile today, and culminated the day with the season's trophies.
Check out the race report: (warning graphic intense site!)

The 2011-2012 season starts in September, at a time and place to be decided. In the meantime we are going enjoy Summer vacations and race the annual
Jamerson Cup event for Modifed and Super Stock on August 27th. More details later, but this is going to be a major event with a huge cup to win the modified
event and cash up for grabs in that race and also in Super Stock. So if you consider yourself to be a top East Coast racer, you better show up and prove it!