WISCRS 2011 - 2012 Season

Posted by: glueside

WISCRS 2011 - 2012 Season - 08/01/11 09:30 PM

After much discussion MVHORA and WISCRS have agreed to host the following classes during the 2011 & 2012 racing season.

Road Course
440x2 Sport Car
Super Stock - using the HOPRA rules

440x2 Indy

This means that there is only one new class for the year. We are in the process of getting in some RTR Super Stock cars for anyone.

I will be getting the rules done and posted in the next couple of weeks on the site.

Look forward to seeing everyone again! Season starts in September with a kick off luncheon on the 10th at 11 am. Everyone pays $5.00 for track time and lunch. We will have the track on the oval from 9 am till 12:30 pm and then on the road course till 5 pm.