MASCAR 9, The Finale!!!!!

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MASCAR 9, The Finale!!!!! - 04/27/07 11:23 AM

The ninth and final round of the MASCAR Championship for T-Jets and Magnet Cars is May 26th in Richmond, Virginia. Steve Jones has a fast and smooth 4'x16' Tomy track, that will host BeachJets (Fray and VHORS T-Jets also legal!) and the very fast Modified class. Modifieds are 3 ohm magnet cars with ceramic motor magnets and polymer traction magnets.
Doors open at 8:00AM Saturday, May 26th, with T-Jet tech at 11:30am, racing to follow.

Track pix and directions:

MASCAR website:
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Re: MASCAR 9, The Finale!!!!! - 05/27/07 09:25 PM

Steve Jones played host for MASCAR 9, the last race of our very full season. This year we managed to race 9 straight months, a first for us!

The crowd was light, as was expected with a holiday weekend race. James Kennedy missed this round, due to his Mother's hospitalization for a stroke. All of the MASCAR family extends our best wishes and prayers for her prompt recovery.

The BeachJet race was unbelievably quick, as the top nine finishers all finished with totals more than the January race victor's total. Steve's track is for sale, and you can't find a smoother, faster Tomy roadcourse, capable of taking all types of cars to the limit! Email teamxfactor@... for details.

The super quick Modifieds also led to a new high lap total. For all the pictures and results, check the race report:

MASCAR web page:

We are looking at having a BBQ and races in July, for all of the MASCAR family. Stay Tuned...

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