2012 Mni HO races at the Beach

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2012 Mni HO races at the Beach - 12/31/11 12:23 AM

MASCAR's next race is quite a change of pace from last month's Mod race at Robby's, where we ran our fastest class on our biggest track...2012's first MASCAR event is our slowest class (T-Jets) on our smallest track. Sort of jumping out of a NASCAR at Talladega and into a short track car at Bristol. If you like your racing with a lot of action, come and join us, Saturday January 7th in Virginia Beach.
Class is BeachJet (which includes Fray/ECHORR/VHORS spec T-Jets) with a mystery IROC, sure to satisfy! This is on a 4'x8' Bianchi routed magnetic braid track, hosting races for over 10 years.

Entry is $10 including food & drinks.
Track picture and directions: http://www.bat-jet.com/mascar/toms.html
Last year's race report: http://www.bat-jet.com/mascar/6-25-11.html
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Re: 2012 Mni HO races at the Beach - 01/07/12 10:06 PM

Sometimes this area is blessed with perfect weather, and today was one of those days...which led to a bunch of folks deciding they would rather be somewhere else, than racing slot cars inside. The racers who showed up were the committed lot, as racing is their life. I'm one of them, for sure! There was a very competitive bunch, with very close T-Jet pack racing, the order of the day. The B Main started off with James Kennedy and well known caster, Roger Corrie, running away from the rest of the field. As the heats ran on, James buckled down and drove determindly pulling a 190 lap total, up 8 on his old mentor...Roger. Lewis Wuori and Mark Smith battled closely, with Lewis getting the nod as his Dodge finished two laps up on Mark, and three back of Roger. Dale White and new racer, Mike Ose, had their own battle going...with Mike building up a lead at the finish.
The A Main started strong for Bubba Milholen with a 50 on Yellow power lane, Jeff Crabtree was back a lap on the red gutter, Tom Bowman was back another lap on the Green gutter, and Robby Whiteed back five laps on blue. The second segment Jeff take off on the field, gaining three laps over Bubba...with Tom and Robby fading to the rear. Third segment saw Jeff cement his lead with an authoritative 52 on yellow, Bubba maintaining his gutter runs with a 47, Tom gaining a lap on Bubba that segment and Robby struggling on the tight Green gutter. Bubba turned it on with a 51 on blue, Tom overdriving like crazy which only led to a disappointing 47 on the favorite yellow lane...Jeff cruised, unflappable to a 50 on green, Robby getting it together on red finished with a 46. The win went to Jeff, driving his Lewis Wuori rent-a-racer, dominating the day. Bubba tried to keep him honest, finishing back 7 laps. James came up from the B to take third back 5 laps. Tom was back another 2 laps in fourth, a disappointing finish for his new Bat-jet Ginetta G15.
After the dust had settled, we put up the black out curtains and turned on the black lights...our IROC race was something completely different...BMW Isetta's in 1/32nd scale on T-Jet Indy chassis. The bodies were made by Bat-Jet with the unique Ignite flourescent colors...racing was crash 'n burn in the TrakMate Championship mode. Racing was completely over the top as our top heavy cars handled remarkedly well. Everyone had a lot of laughs and the money was raised was donated to the MASCAR Nat's fund. Look for some special deals on ebay to raise some more cash for our running of the UFHORA Nats, June 14-17th in Virginia's center of racing, Gloucester.

Full pictorial report including black light shots: http://www.bat-jet.com/mascar/1-7-12.html

Next race, Super Stock at Tim Keevin's Gloucester Point Raceway, Saturday Jan 21st : http://www.bat-jet.com/mascar/tims.html


Home of the 2012 UFHORA National Races
June 14th - 17th in Gloucester, VA
Gloucester Moose Lodge 886
6565 Moose Drive
Gloucester, VA 23061