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MASCAR Videos - 03/06/12 06:34 PM

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Brian Edwards
Bootny Lee Presents...

Posted by: tifosi

Re: MASCAR Videos - 03/06/12 08:18 PM

Great job in really showing the speed of these cars, and the crazy folks driving them!
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Re: MASCAR Videos - 03/06/12 08:23 PM

Thanks Tom! I am really excited about all the feedback that has been generated across the forums and in emails from the videos.
Posted by: Pa hammer

Re: MASCAR Videos - 03/07/12 06:05 PM

Great videos. Is this one of the tracks being used at the Nats? Looks very racy.
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Re: MASCAR Videos - 03/07/12 09:57 PM

Thanks for the comments. I don't know if this track is beng used at Nats, but yes, it is very racy! smile
Posted by: black wire

Re: MASCAR Videos - 03/07/12 11:04 PM

Sam, this is the Modified Track for the nats. We will be having anither race on it before the nags. You are welcome to come and experience the raciness we have on it. I will keep yoy updatef as to when it will be....