National Sportsman Championship

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National Sportsman Championship - 03/19/12 08:57 AM

Note that the date and venue have changed.

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Re: National Sportsman Championship - 03/19/12 10:04 AM

I was told you have to enter a certain number of HOCOC races to participate, so I will not be attending, this rule hurts the hobby, wake up HOCOC!
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Re: National Sportsman Championship - 03/22/12 07:35 PM

What's up with that weekend? That's the 3rd different group scheduling a meet on that weekend. It's bad enough that I can't come to the Mid's because Tri State is scheduled that same weekend. I wish HO racers would wake up and smell the coffee. Scheduling by 3 different groups on the same weekend is part of the reason our sport is in the poor shape that it's in. Well, 'nuff said. I'll get off of my soap box now.
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Re: National Sportsman Championship - 03/22/12 10:30 PM

If you think RC is a d!ck you are probably talking about the one from NJ smile
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Re: National Sportsman Championship - 03/23/12 02:18 PM

Originally Posted By: theman
If you think RC is a d!ck you are probably talking about the one from NJ smile

Sam, take into consideration that Tri State has deliberately rescheduled races just to hurt us and then decide where you want to be. Remember also that the mids are a "Series" points race too. You can lead or you can be a follower, your choice.
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Re: National Sportsman Championship - 03/23/12 05:35 PM

Bob, I've requested the Series point standings on several occasions and not seen them posted all season, so I'm not even sure where I am in the standings. I'm currently 3rd in the Tri-State standings and that is also a points race. In addition, with the price of gas it's more economically feasible to make a 1 hour ride versus a 3 hour ride to race. All that being said, it was still a difficult decision to make as I've been on a hot streak with my Thunder Storm,while I suffered poor finishes in the two main classes with the Series. The hit that I probably took in points with my 12th place finish in SS and even worse in Modified helped make my mind up during my 3 hour ride home. I hope most of this makes sense to all that read this as I value my friendship with all of the Series racers and still look forward to racing with them at the UFHORA Nats.
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Re: National Sportsman Championship - 03/25/12 10:56 AM

Sam everybody values your friendship laugh.
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New Date - 03/25/12 04:33 PM

Note that the date has been changed to avoid a conflict with another event.

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Re: National Sportsman Championship - 03/26/12 10:24 AM

The abrupt closing of TKO Raceway left us scrambling to find another venue. We never intentionally schedule races to conflict with those of another group. In this case we will only be running pancake cars and since not that many people run both pancake and inline cars we tend not to consider inline only races when we do our schedule. Since you can't schedule regional events for weekdays we are left with four weekends a month and often there are holidays and major sporting events to consider as well. The format of the NSC event was announced last summer, so hopefully most people were aware of it and could run enough qualifying events to get in the final. It would be unfortunate if someone could not participate because they heared about the series too late. I believe that part of the reason for having qualifying races was to get the field at the championship race down to a manageable size. I have been to big races where there was not enough space to work on my cars and there was not enough time to practice on every lane of every track. That does tend to give a decided advantage to people that race at the hosting track on a regular basis. Originally two more support races were scheduled for a total of four and no qualifying was needed for those. Perhaps for next year there might be a way for people to run in the NSC championship race without running in the regular season qualifying races.
Rich Dumas
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Re: National Sportsman Championship - 03/26/12 02:02 PM

Ok then schedule races closer than 2 hours from me, or I can race against made up opponents in my I graciously pointed out to Dave Simms, I will host 3 races this winter, and when nobody shows up, I will be serious, there is no reason to limit a already diminishing hobby.

You would be best served to see the hot shoes of the country wanting to attend your event, not everyone races regularly and that doesnt mean they should be shunned because of it.

Worried about practice? Thats what friday night is you changed the date to conflict with the thunder cup in VA beach....I bet if you opened up your race you would have a max of 25 guys, not a real big field to deal with. Just my opinion, which some of the HOCOC guys agree with and the leadership tends to not.

Leadership is only as good as the ears they use to listen to the rest of the racers. Look at the other east coast big race and see what happened when they stopped listening and thought everyone would follow...alot wont go back
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Re: National Sportsman Championship - 03/27/12 01:30 PM

It is unfortunate that there were no qualifying races close enough for you to attend. HOCOC does not schedule any races outside of New England. Tracks that want to participate in the NSC can schedule races that include a Sportsman class. Perhaps next season you can hold some races at your track. Points for the NSC are awarded based on the number of entries at a particular event. As it stands now 16 of the top scoring entries (out of a total of 62 racers) have guaranteed starting positions. Possibly some of those people will not be able to get to the race, opening up spots for drivers further down in the standings. Drivers that do not get in based on points can still get in the final by posting a fast qualifying time or by being a top finisher in one of two consolation races. The top 16 racers will not be in the time trials or consolation races.
As I said earlier next year the rules may be changed to allow people who could not attend qualifying races. If you would like to suggest a rules change it would be best to post that on the HOCOC Yahoo! site.
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Re: National Sportsman Championship - 05/10/12 08:27 PM

There were 13 people at this race. Any questions?
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Re: National Sportsman Championship - 05/14/12 12:57 PM

For the 2012-2013 season the requirement to have run in the qualifying races during the regular season has been dropped. 16 racers can qualify by running during the regular season, 8 more can qualify by being one of the fastest two in time trials, by being the winner of one of two qualifying races on the day of the NSC championship race or being one of the four highest finishers in terms of laps excluding the race winners. That makes a total of 24 possible entries.