Upcoming races...the video!

Posted by: tifosi

Upcoming races...the video! - 04/01/12 10:58 PM

Upcoming races in MASCAR, Thunder Cup and UFHORA Nats: The Video

Apr 14 - Joey Cassiba, Henderson, NC - Super Stock
May 5 - Dan Mueller, Chesapeake, VA - Thunder Cup
May 26 - Ronnie Jamerson, Gloucester, VA - Modified
Jun 17 - UFHORA NATIONALS, Gloucester, VA - T-Jet

MASCAR Nats Fund Auctions:
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Re: Upcoming races...the video! - 04/09/12 08:45 PM

Hey MASCAR racers, if you can, bring some of those Thunder JET
cars with ya to Joey's Saturday. (PLEASE) I want to try running a class or two of those on the home track and some for competition with y'all in May.

I have not raced a pancake car since the M/T chassis came out. After watching the MASCAR videos, it seems like a lot of see-able fun competition and may be perfect for the track design at the shop.

I hope the Difalco works with them, so I need to start preparing as soon as I can to get up and running. Please forgive me if I sound arrogant, I've just been busy, busy this year probably like your self's

Thanks in advance,