East Haven CT Raceway Summer Scorcher

Posted by: RichD

East Haven CT Raceway Summer Scorcher - 07/08/05 11:42 AM

This event will include a National Sportsman Championship race. The Grand Nationals, Fairgrounds and Sportsman will use HOCOC 2005 rules.
See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HOCOCSLOTCARRACING/ and look under ?Files? for the rules. The Boxstock cars must be original Aurora copper T-jets. All parts must be original or reproduction. Slip on silicone rear tires are allowed. Any original Aurora or new Model Motoring injection molded body can be used. Resin reproductions of Aurora bodies may be used. All bodies must have windshields and rear windows where appropriate and may not be lowered. Armatures must be 16 ohms or greater.
Soft drinks will be provided. There will be a raffle for Johnny Lightning cars and Wizzard parts.
Posted by: RichD

Re: East Haven CT Raceway Summer Scorcher - 08/20/05 04:31 PM

It was HOT, HOT, HOT as ten racers from CT, MA, ME and RI converged on East Haven Raceway for the Scorcher. The racing included the first round of the National Sportsman Championship.

First up were the Boxstocks:

1. Matt Patrick
2. Steve Mottola
3. Rich Dumas
4. John Grace
5. T.J. Mottola
6. Rick Hubbert
7. Mary Grace
8. Trent Bradbury
9. Tom Gumina
10. Jim Hoar

Next were the Grand Nationals:

1. Rich Dumas
2. Jim Hoar
3. Matt Patrick
4. T.J. Mottola
5. Rick Hubbert
6. Mary Grace
7. Trent Bradbury
8. Steve Mottola
9. John Grace
10. Tom Gumina

Then the Sportsman:

1. Rich Dumas
2. Rick Hubbert
3. Jim Hoar
4. T.J. Mottola
5. Mary Grace
6. Matt Patrick
7. Tom Gumina
8. John Grace
9. Steve Mottola
10. Trent Bradbury

And finally the Fairgrounds:

1. Rich Dumas
2. Tom Gumina
3. Jim Hoar
4. John Grace
5. Mary Grace
6. Steve Mottola
7. Trent Bradbury
8. T.J. Mottola
9. Rick Hubbert
10. Matt Patrick

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Re: East Haven CT Raceway Summer Scorcher - 08/21/05 06:14 PM

Hey Rich,

Thanks for the great event and the hospitality. The track, as always was in A-1 shape and the racing was great.

Thanks TJ
Posted by: RichD

Re: East Haven CT Raceway Summer Scorcher - 08/21/05 07:07 PM

Thanks to T.J. and Jim Hoar for helping out. I am looking forward to the first HOCOC race in October.