MASCAR One Results: Super Stock

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MASCAR One Results: Super Stock - 09/22/12 11:28 PM

Fall commenced today and so did our racing season. Class was Super Stock at Ronnie Jamerson's track in Gloucester, VA. A good crowd showed up, including Manassas, Va racer...Bob Langer. Welcome back, Bob!

Full pictorial race report:

The first BeachJet T-Jet races are the next event, at Robby Whiteed's monster 6 lane TKO track in Lightfoot, VA on Saturday, October 13th. Track opens at 8am, Tech is 10:30am. Second class is the Brass class. This is our
most Northern venue...perfect for jetting in from Northern Virginia and the DC Metro area.

Track pix and directions:
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Re: MASCAR One Results: Super Stock - 09/23/12 10:11 AM

Great race report as usual from MASCAR. Now that I've met most of the guys in the pics, I enjoy the reports even more