Modifieds at Stonegate: MASCAR 3

Posted by: tifosi

Modifieds at Stonegate: MASCAR 3 - 10/22/12 09:27 PM

Saturday, November 3rd, join MASCAR for round 3 in our 2012-13 Championship at
Stonegate Motor Speedway in Chesapeake, VA.

The modified class is our fastest cars, 3 ohm arms in a chassis with polymer traction magnets. Track opens
at 8am, tech is at 10:30am. Stonegate is a 4'x16' Tomy road course, a smooth track with plenty of power, the track was used at the UFHORA Nats.

Track pix and directions:
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Re: Modifieds at Stonegate: MASCAR 3 - 11/02/12 03:02 AM

It's going to be very fast race. I am looking forward to this race. I know we will have a good crowd turn out for this race. Fast Mods on the Am Mod track from the Nats. Just think the AM Mods were fast, just imagine how fast the Full Blown Mods will be... Sub 3 sec laps will be a premium!!!
Posted by: tifosi

Re: Modifieds at Stonegate: MASCAR 3 - 11/03/12 10:56 PM

Jerry Holley's Stonegate Motor Speedway was the venue as the MASCAR Mods came visiting today. A great crowd, with Shawn Molter back in the groove, Vern Dew and new racer Alex Boyd came up from Carolina, joining the Edwards clan and the usual crowd making up 4 mains for the first time in awhile. After sorting through the 30 sec qualifier, an extra long 3.5 min round robin...the racers get assigned into their respective mains by performance. The competition in each main was intense, and here is our pictorial race report:

Next round is the joint races with the Southern Sportsman, at Lewis Wouri's Lunacy, a Brad Bowman routed track in New Hill, North Carolina...Saturday, November 17th. Track opens at 8am, tech for BeachJet/SS Muscle at 10:30am. Sportsman cars will run on the oval after the road race. Sportsman class now allows the JL 18 tooth crown gear. Track pix and directions: