The Longest Day of Super Stock Racing!

Posted by: tifosi

The Longest Day of Super Stock Racing! - 12/16/12 11:12 AM

The MASCAR group enjoyed the largest turnout in the group's collective memory, at Robby Whiteed's 6 lane 6x20 foot TKO in Williamsburg, VA on Saturday. We had 23 in total including NC's Vern Dew, Cliff Henke and Donnie Dunovant. Donnie had some of his beautiful, realistic lexans on offer. We kept to our usual racing format, despite the crowd and all knew it was going to be a long day...not exactly like the D-Day invasion, but a number of racers were casualities and didn't make it to the finish. Full pictorial race report:

Next round is January 5th for the T-Jet class at my micro raceway in Virginia Beach. Details at directions:
Friday practice from 7pm, race morning open at 8am, tech at 10:30am.

Note schedule change: The Feb 16th T-Jet race is moved to Dan's Chesapeake Mile 6 lane track in Chesapeake, VA.
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Re: The Longest Day of Super Stock Racing! - 12/17/12 09:29 AM

Congrats to Steve Jones on another Super Stock win. Great race report Tom as usual. It was a long drive home to the Carolina's after Saturday's race and had some time to sing to myself. This is a great group of racers who really want to just race and have good fellowship. The group on this board probably know them better than I but they left a little song in my head.


Well we're big slot slingers
We got golden fingers
And we race everywhere we go
We worry about hooey and we lie about truth
At 5 whole dollars a show.
We make all kinda spills
That give us all kinda thrills
But the thrill we all know
Is the thrill that'll getcha
When you get your picture
In a Bootny Lee Video.


Wanna see our picture on the cover
Wanna buy five copies for our mothers
Wanna see our smilin' faces
In a Bootny Lee Video.


We gotta lotta HO, checkered flag groupies
Who'll do anything to win
We got a genuine motor building guru
Who's teachin' us a better way
We got all the friends that fun can buy
So we never have to be alone
And we keep gettin' faster, really really faster,
Till blood drips from our bones.

So if you want to feel, like your part of the deal,
Just give MASCAR a call,
It's not that hard and you'll have one heck of a HO RACING BALL !
ROLLING ON.............

Taken from the catalog of,
"Cover Of The Rolling Stone"
Thanks !