MASCAR 13: Super Stock

Posted by: tifosi

MASCAR 13: Super Stock - 06/01/13 11:26 PM

It was a gorgeous sunny, summer day as MASCAR competitors gathered at Ronnie's Jamerson's Church Hill Raceway. Going through our sorting races, we ended up with 4 mains, everyone closely contested. In the D round, Corey Edwards had a great race, snagging 8th overall...with future star Dylan Molter getting 11th and Dale White 12th. The C Main was noted for lots of carnage, but Ronnie drove through it to grab 4th overall. With Bubba Milholen getting 9th and Bob Langer 10th. The B Main was very close, with Tom finished a few sections back of Ronnie, followed by Marshall Tucker and Ev Edwards. James Kennedy had car problems and pulled out. The A saw Jeff Crabtree grab a lead at the half and held it to the end, Shawn Molter, Steve Jones and Mark Smith battled closely...with Shawn getting second, Mark third and Steve dropping out with car trouble. Full pictorial race report:

The last race is scheduled for T-Jets on the 22nd, but we are still searching for a venue.

Announcing the late Summer's major event, the Jamerson Cup...August 17th for Super Stock and Modified classes. The Moose Lodge, Gloucester, VA.