MASCAR Season Opener!

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MASCAR Season Opener! - 10/07/05 04:53 PM

Saturday, October 22nd, the Mid Atlantic's premier magnet and T-Jet club, MASCAR, starts the season with Modified and BeachJet races at Ron Brna's North Carolina 6' X 18'8" Tomy road course.
Schedule and track pix:

MASCAR web site:
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Re: MASCAR Season Opener! - 10/24/05 11:02 AM

We started our season in North Carolina, at Ron Brna's beautiful, high speed 18.8' x 7' Tomy track this past Saturday. We raced BeachJets (our iteration of the Fray style) and Modifieds (3 ohm arms, polymer tractions, ceramic motor magnets). Ron Brna smoked the field in the T-Jet class and Steve Jones did the same in Modified.

Race report, pix, with full race sheets in pdf format:

MASCAR 2 is November 19th at Jason Millers, Hudgins, Virginia.