Jet Fest at Slot Chaos

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Jet Fest at Slot Chaos - 08/20/04 11:47 AM


Note: the VHORS Classic Class has been replaced with a
stock T-Jet class. Check the web page for details or email Brian Edwards at

Jet Fest Races at Slot Chaos
SlotChaos invites everyone to our ThunderJet races, at the Slot Chaos, Hayes, Virginia. Classes are

Beach Jets, Stock T-Jets, Trans Am,
and Hard Body Super Stock

SLOT CHAOS vs. Mid-Atlantic

$100 1st Prize BOTH GROUPS!!!
Trophies and Prizes Awarded!

Vendor's Welcome!!! Reserve Now!!!

September 3-5
Friday - Practice
Saturday - Stock & Beach Jets, starts @ Noon
Sunday - Super Stock & Trans Am, starts @ 11am
Fee: $20, weekend

For more information contact: Brian

Slot Chaos now has two great tracks,
with the addition of a 4x16 continous rail Tomy track
to the relatively new 4x16 WizTrack. The shop has
been expanded, with twice the space of the old shop.
They have taken over the adjacent unit, so there is
plenty of pit space now. The BeachJet and TransAm
races are to MARS rules. Stock and Super Stock Hardbody are
to Slot Chaos rules.

Pictures of the tracks and race shop with links to the
rules and directions:
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Re: Jet Fest at Slot Chaos - 09/06/04 04:51 PM

Virginia's only HO commercial raceway hosted the 1st
Annual Jet Fest Cup races this past Saturday and
Sunday, on Slot Chaos' 4 x 16 foot continous rail Tomy
track. Four race events were run over two days, with
the overall points to determine the winners for the
Mid Atlantic and Slot Chaos groups. Stock T-Jets,
BeachJets, Hardbody Super Stock T-Jets and MARS
TransAms, were the classes run. The event was to
decide the winner of the Jet Fest Cups, and the $100
that went with each.

To see who pocketed the money and drank the champagne,
check out the full story with with pix:

Thanks to the vendors, brp and Mark Tutton, for
providing some cool HO parts and new race bodies to go
along with the extensive stock of race and vintage
parts of Slot Chaos. Many collectors and racers came
by during the weekend, to check out the many HO
collectibles on display.

Thanks, also to Brian Edwards and Mark Smith and their
families for putting together this event!