MASCAR February racing...

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MASCAR February racing... - 02/04/08 11:56 AM

Racing T-Jets and Super Stock on Saturday, Feb 16th in Gloucester, VA. on a 4'x16' smooth Wizzard track. Come and join the MASCAR crowd at Ronnie Jemerson's debut race, opening later than normal at Noon, racing from 2pm.

Details and directions:

MASCAR website:
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Re: MASCAR February racing... - 02/06/08 03:56 PM

The MASCAR race at Ronnie Jamerson's track opens at 8AM on Saturday, with T-Jet tech at 11am.
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Re: MASCAR February racing... - 02/17/08 04:17 PM


As you are getting ready to watch Daytona, here's our race report from Saturday's MASCAR race in Gloucester, Virginia...If the NASCAR boys crash as much as we do, the junkyard is going to be full!:

Race sheets will be posted tomorrow.

Next race is March 15th (Fray Day!) at Tim Keevin's Max Trax in Gloucester, VA.

Point standings are updated on the MASCAR web site: