MASCAR 6 in Suffolk, Virginia

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MASCAR 6 in Suffolk, Virginia - 01/30/07 12:38 PM

The next race is MASCAR 6 at Shawn's Suffolk Raceway on Saturday, February 17th. in surprising Suffolk, Virginia.
Track opens at 8:30am and racing from Noon. Classes are BeachJet (Fray and VHORS are legal), Wizzard Thunder Storm IROC (cars and controllers provided) and Super Stock, (6 ohm, ceramic magnets cars like the Wizzard Storm, Slottech ThunderCat T1, and BSRT G3 )

Track is a Tomy 4'x16' road course with S&H power supply

Directions and track pix:
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Re: MASCAR 6 in Suffolk, Virginia - 02/18/07 04:39 PM

The MASCAR group was back in action, at Shawn Molter's raceway in Suffolk, Virginia. This past Saturday for the 6th round of the MASCAR Championship for T-Jets and magnet cars. It was a rather chilly start, but a big crowd of 17 T-Jet racers quickly warmed the garage to racing heat. Tom Bowman led through the Round-Robin, followed by James Kennedy, Shawn Molter driving a Wuori Rent-a-rocket, and Lewis Wuori, just back from the Fray. The D Main went to Joey Cassiba over Scott Schmoyer. The C Main was all Rodney Tankerd with 80 laps. chased by Jerry Schmoyer, two laps back. The B Main was pretty fast with Donny Pope winning by two laps over Steve Jones, Ray Etheridge and Jeff Crabtree. The A Main had some TrakMate issues as both Shawn and Tom were running faster than the minimum lap time and hence not counting some laps. After re-running the final segment, Tom finished two laps up on James, Lewis and Shawn. Donny and Steve from the B Main finished third and fourth
overall, as the totals were figured.
The lengthy T-Jet races caused the WIzzard Thunder Storm race to be cancelled for this race. Most of the crowd departed and the magnet guys and hard core racers stayed on to run the Super Stock class. The Round-Robin qualifier saw Jeff Crabtree edge fellow Slottech Thunder Cat driver, Shawn Molter by a lap. Wizzard Storm runners Steve Jones and Ray Etheridge grabbed the remaining A Main spots.
The B Main was the usual chaotic affair as cars flew left and right and only occasionally stayed on the track. James Kennedy kept it on the best and finished ten laps up on Tom Bowman after 20 minutes of racing. The A Main was the class event as these guys knew how to drive these fast cars on the demanding Suffolk Raceway 4 x 16' Tomy road course. Shawn led early on the Yellow power lane, but Steve and Jeff hung in there better on the gutters. After the dust settled, Steve Jones' Storm held on for a 315 lap total in 20 minutes, followed by Jeff Crabtree with 310. James Kennedy moved up to third overall, with his 309 run in the B.

Pix and full race details:

Round 7 is Saturday March 17th, at Mark Smith's Port Haywood, VA home, with classes to be BeachJets on the 4x16' Tomy continous rail Slot Chaos T-Jet track. The second class is Modified on the high speed "Turd" continous rail Tomy track.

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