5th Annual Sizzler

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5th Annual Sizzler - 09/13/06 09:04 AM

This is the second race of the HOCOC 2006-2007 season.
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Re: 5th Annual Sizzler - 10/15/06 07:54 AM

Here is a race report by T.J. Mottola.

October 14th 2006 East Haven Race way, East Haven Ct was the site of the 5th annual Sizzler. The Sizzler is HOCOC's oldest continuous event. A full field of drivers were on hand to test there skill on the challenging road course that is East Haven Raceway.The pits were full by 8:00am and the practice continued until a brief drivers meeting at 10:00AM. The cars went through a preliminary tech inspection and were lined up in order.

First off pit road was the sportsman. This division is for national points and all HOCOC shows lead off with Sportsman. The entire field was fast and the action was ferocious. TJ Mottola found himself in the cat bird seat when rich Dumas and Rick Hubbard were doing battle and pushing each other to the limit. Rick Hubbard was not points racing as he ended up crashing out going for the win. Rich may have been more conservative or perhaps he had the home track advantage finishing the race on the bubble. At the end of the event it was thought that TJ Mottola had taken the win. Upon official review of the paper work it appears there was an arithmetic error and the actual winner was Rich Dumas. This is the second sportsman event that TJ Mottola was edged out of 1st place by segments. Coming in a respectable 4th was Jim Hoar of Maine.

Grand Americans were looking impressive putting up better laps than the sportsman. Again the Rick and Rich show! Rick Hubbard was able to squeak out the win over Rich Dumas by just segments. Third was Bruce Gordo with a good looking camaro. 4th was mark Kaminski making his first HOCOC appearance this year. Mark Is always a strong runner and a crowd favorite with his unmatched paint jobs and body work. Look for Mark at future events.

The Fairgrounds division was the next to hit the pavement. This is the first appearance of this division since the rules change pertaining to the armature and front-end. The rules change was a well thought-out change slowing these machines to a manageable pace. This was a great looking field of nostalgic iron. TJ Mottola and Jim Hoar put up a perfect show posting zero cautions. Bruce Gordo finished 3rd by one segment to TJ. Rotating in late in the race was Rick Hubbard. Rick was strong out of the gate and never looked back. Rick finished 12 laps ahead of the second place finisher despite 4 track calls. Another 4th place finish by Jim Hoar in the fairgrounds.

The Modifieds were the final show of the day and the only inline division of the day. The Modifieds are NASCAR's oldest and fastest division. This is also a HOCOC favorite. Open wheels and 600Horsepower proved to be a little to much for most of the field on this afternoon. The crowd watched as 6 of the 9 drivers yellowed out in the last segment. Making this a race of attrition. Jim Hoar made his best bid of the day, trying to take some hardware back to Maine. But his Pinto just didn't have the stones to take the W. Rich Dumas put up a stout 185 lab run that turned out to be insurmountable. Third was Bruce Gordo with a ragged looking cavalier.