MASCAR 3 at Slot Chaos

Posted by: tifosi

MASCAR 3 at Slot Chaos - 11/11/04 04:11 PM

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Saturday, November 20th is the date and mark that down, you really don't want to miss MASCAR 3 at Virginia's Slot Chaos HO commercial raceway. The battle between the new generation magnet cars (BSRT G3, Wizzard Storm and Slottech ThunderCat) in Super Stock form takes place on the 4 x 16 Wiz Track. T-Jets will start things off with a battle of their own on the 4 x 16 continous rail Tomy track. Store opens at 9am for practice, BeachJet tech at Noon. Note: MASCAR BeachJets DO NOT require rear windows and electronic controllers are permitted. Complete rules for both classes are on the web site:

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