Scorpion P3 Chassis/Kit car

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Scorpion P3 Chassis/Kit car - 07/24/02 10:20 PM

New P3 Scorpion chassis with clip part # A3PS12, price $10.00.
Clip only part # A3PS31, Price $1.00.
Super Stock P3 Scorpion Kit car $49.95

No the clip will not fit the current P3. All P3 parts will fit the Scorpion Chassis (including the clip)

Scorpion chassis has adjustable guide pin - 5 locations.
New clip - internal/external clip - clip goes over and clips on the inside of the traction magnet box

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Re: Scorpion P3 Chassis/Kit car - 08/01/02 03:54 PM

Added image - JS