Ho thingies

Posted by: wade

Ho thingies - 12/01/09 04:21 PM

Just wondering why some of the thingies 1/24 slot cars of the 60s and 70s never made it to lexan ho bodies. Copyright protection, or something else? As a previous owner of 1/24 scale thingie cars: Dynamic super bandit, Dynamic renegade, Classic stinger, Classic manta ray, Riggen mach 1, to name a few....I would absolutely LOVE to see some of these in ho format, no matter what the cost. Anyone never going to the electric dreams thingie site should view the beautiful slot cars of the past. These designs should have never been forgotten. Maybe just too expensive to do, or a lack of interest? Would be awesome bodies for ho cars. I wish.........Wade
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Re: Ho thingies - 12/02/09 07:00 PM

You mean like this?

HO Thingy
Posted by: wade

Re: Ho thingies - 12/04/09 06:54 PM

Yes, thats a good one. I meant its a shame that the original designs from the golden thingie age are not available...the ones I mentioned, for example. A thingie can be almost anything...I was just wondering about those old classic shapes that evidently have been abandoned. If you ever owned any of them in 1/24 scale, you would appreciate what Im talking about. But that is a nice thingie you have there. If you can find a picture on line of dynamics super bandit and renegade, youll see what I mean,,,and find a classic stinger! Wade
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Re: Ho thingies - 12/13/09 09:10 PM

Check out the RiggenHO.com web site. We did two "Thingie" Limitied Editions. One was based on a body that Richard Picard did. The other was released last month based on the Dreamworks body.

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Re: Ho thingies - 12/16/09 06:00 PM

Thanks. Ill check it out WK