New Set Up at DMS

Posted by: DMX Speedway

New Set Up at DMS - 02/04/07 01:22 PM

NASCAR (Tyco Magnum 440 X2) is still a staple for racing on the cutom made Pocono Race Track on a 10 X 18 table.

Also now alive and well is T-Jets with a Classic Car (Pre-70's) Class and the hot low profile Resin Body Class. This is raced on a 5 X 16 MAX Trax Road Course

For practice and car set up is a 4 X 16 Oval.

see them at [img][/img]
Posted by: Texas Wheelman

Re: New Set Up at DMS - 12/26/07 06:57 PM

Awesome, a set of H.O. slot tracks right in my back yard. Online I found a couple of places in Plano. Do you know if they're still around? I'm located in Frisco.