New Track

Posted by: kwhop

New Track - 04/20/03 03:39 PM

Thought everyone might enjoy some pictures of my new tomy track. No 6" turns, about 93' average lap on 5'3" X 16' table. Very fast.

Re: New Track - 04/20/03 08:05 PM

VERY nice!! looks like POLE position may take on a new meaning?

cranking out laps
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Re: New Track - 05/08/03 02:59 PM

OOOOOPPPSSS! Double post.

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Re: New Track - 05/08/03 03:10 PM

WOW!!! Kevin, Nice track! When can I come try it out? The table looks like a piece of fine furniture. I could probably get my wife to let me have a track in the living room if the table looked that nice.
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Re: New Track - 05/09/03 12:35 PM


Send me an email and I'll get in touch with Richard and Ryan and well get together.

Posted by: Fast Eddie

Re: New Track - 05/20/03 10:59 AM

Track looks great!! Where are you located? I would love to have some time on that one too!
Bear,mine is coming soon.I raced at the Mids on Joe Murrey's Wiz track and it is really nice. Can't wait!

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Re: New Track - 05/20/03 04:32 PM

Hey Eddie;
I heard you did pretty good at the race. Kevin is located in Columbus, he has raced with us in Dayton and I think he's been to Cincy's, Richard and Ryan also are from Columbus and they've difinately been to Cincy's. I tried to get a small "series" going between Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, but the QCHORS guys weren't interested. I can't wait till you get your Wiztrack, and I'm sure the Columbus guys would make the trip to check it out.
Take care, BEAR