wizzard cars for sale

Posted by: morgan

wizzard cars for sale - 08/19/07 12:59 PM

I have a storm RO car with level 15 T-back motor magnets and clean tractions that are like new in a jig sanded chassis with big feet and independent front end, motor is a wizzard 7 feet of 35. like new $75.00

SS storm with regular chassis and hot stock advanced timed arm with big feet and independent front end. $50.00

Unlimited car 6 magnet unlimited cheeta (I think)with ball bearings at all wheels and motor. 4 feet of 33, complete running car with quicker metal gears and tires, ready to rip it up.This car came from scott terry! complete with body $100

All of my cars are like new, CLEAN and ready to run. I can set the car up for your track with the correct tire size and gearing, or sell them without a rear axle, you decide. The reason i am selling these cars is that i have over 40 complete wizzard cars and do not have room in the box. I also have some nice storm ufhora modified cars if you need one, they have 9 feet of 36 1/2 arms, call or email me, no disappointements in any of my used stuff,hate to put it on ebay.

jeff morgan
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Posted by: morgan

Re: wizzard cars for sale - 08/19/07 07:33 PM

unlimited car is sold