Tomy track for sale

Posted by: tomyafx1

Tomy track for sale - 09/03/07 08:47 PM


I am planning on selling my 4x8 Tomy Track with a Power supply. That is with a Lambda power supply!!
No lap counter with track. you can get one from the site here:

That would be for a Four lane track with a dead strip!!

Thanks JOe

Look at my web site for pictures of it
Tomy 4x8 link
e-mail me at
Posted by: Crimnick

Re: Tomy track for sale - 09/05/07 10:52 PM

Two questions...

What voltage and current ratings for the lamda?

How much?
Posted by: tomyafx1

Re: Tomy track for sale - 09/07/07 07:26 AM

Could you e-mail or call me off list so we can talk about it??

Thanks Joe