Cleaning House

Posted by: PETE

Cleaning House - 09/30/13 12:40 PM

I have been looking over my cars and parts.
Many cars and parts I want to pass on.
Just to give a basic idea,
P3...5 of then
Storms 14 of them
That is just ceramic.
I have used nrw tires out the whazoo for tycos and P3.
Storm parts and cars.
Keep an eye on this as will be listing stuff as I sort though it.
How does 20 pair of used tyco tires sound for 5 dollars, maybe 30 sounds better, I will listen as you talk.
I have new level 19 motors 3 pair
I have tyco Quads motors 3 pair one pair is new.
This is what I have and have no idea why I'm keeping the parts.
If your looking for stuff just ask and I'll let you know.
Also I have my race cars that I will sell.
These are the best cars I have, price will reflect that.
(5) Super stocks,(3) 3 ohm modified,(2 an 3/4) level 25 r/o.

I also have a wizz track and power supply, no timer.
Like I said if your looking just ask.
Stay tuned for a listing.

Also if your into Hot Wheels, my collection dates back into the 1980's. Yes I have the the VW Drag Bus and many more sought after cars.
Eric Peterson
Posted by: PETE

Re: Cleaning House - 10/01/13 07:58 PM

I have
1 Pro 4 new
2 M motors new
used stuff
2 7' 34
1 6'5 88
2 7' 88
2 7' 341/2
then I have three unmarked motors for r/o that I will need to list ohms
These used motors are still in good shape and I would race.

Modified used
2 10'36
3 M motors

Tires are all wizzard
G cuts
4 pair 36
4 pair of 34
gears are pro pred 22 23 24
gear boss are new type
10 tyco, 10 wizzard, and 4 hollow from Gerry McCullen
Made list public so I'm not typing everyday.
Let me know if interested.
Posted by: Pa hammer

Re: Cleaning House - 10/02/13 12:51 PM

Hey Eric, I hope you're not getting out of H.O. racing. If you'd like, I can copy and paste this list on our club message board and see if it brings you any inquiries. On that same note, do you have any of the old "square" Storm ceramic motor magnets? If you do let me know, as I'm interested in trying them in my Storms.
Posted by: PETE

Re: Cleaning House - 10/02/13 06:38 PM

Yes I have about 7 pair. also have some of the extreme motors and traction.
As far as posting, I would do it myself Sam, but was denied permission to join.
This part of the web site can be viewed by all, its always done ok by me so I'm good, its all good.
Sam yes and no on getting out. geting out of the stock classes and going to focus on Neo racing.
Posted by: Pa hammer

Re: Cleaning House - 10/03/13 02:53 PM

How much for all 7 pairs? If the price is right, I might take them all. I actually only need two pairs.
Posted by: PETE

Re: Cleaning House - 10/03/13 05:03 PM

Two pairs...a cup of coffee. One pair is in package from a race prize Sammy.
Going to Benny's or Z's any time soon?

Posted by: Pa hammer

Re: Cleaning House - 10/04/13 07:22 AM

Yes Eric. Actually a race right up your alley, so to speak. 10/19 at Bob Z's. SS and our first ever Neo race on Bob's black Wizztrack ( w/o the 2nd set of esses.) Maybe you could make it. We could hang and do a little business together. You might be able to sell some of your SS equipment there. PS. Bob Z brews a mean cup of coffee:)
Posted by: PETE

Re: Cleaning House - 10/04/13 05:04 PM

Sounds good. thumbup2
Posted by: slotcargarage24

Re: Cleaning House - 10/06/13 04:38 AM

pete give me a call i might be interested in the m motors if i can get a good deal on all of them
Posted by: PETE

Re: Cleaning House - 10/06/13 04:15 PM

Will do Dennis.

I have a TJet built by RC, I will take offers.
Have one complete tyco super stock
1 HK chassis
2 Malaysia chassis
Chassis are drilled for adjustable brush Tubes
Many check mark and four dot bulk heads. All with bushings.
Other bulk heads as well.
Posted by: PETE

Re: Cleaning House - 10/16/13 08:22 AM

Tyco cars and parts sold.