Here is your chance to own one of the best slot car track track control systems on the market.....

A $400.00 retail value.....

LaneMaster is *the* comprehensive, state-of-the-art race and event manager for slot-car racing.

It's fully customizable, very flexible and user-friendly! You can time and report on simple races, or you can completely manage a complex event with hundreds of racers. Separate qualifying and Event modes, instantly updated, incredibly accurate results, and complete control of all track and race parameters make LaneMaster the finest professional-quality system available. Disaster recovery, automatic track-power control, hands-free racing operation, and the color-coded leader board make LaneMaster a true pleasure to use!!


System Features:

Works for EVERY scale, HO, 1/24, 1/32, you name it!
Precision timing (accurate to 1/1000th of a second!)
Instantly updated and always current results
On-screen help
Saves settings for multiple tracks
Custom lane colors
Perfect for 2 , 4 , 6 , or 8-lane tracks
Complete power failure recovery no loss of data, even if the computer gets unplugged!
Extra large on-screen Countdown display
Complete, on-screen Lane Rotation guide diagrams
Customizable, automatic rotation of racer results to new lanes before each heat
Customizable Lane Colors individual racer results shown in their lane color
Round robin racing
Hands-free operation during races
Prints detailed reports (during or even days, months, years after the race!)
Live, on-line lap total corrections between heats - super easy to use!
Type in entrant names once, LaneMaster runs all races and tells YOU who's up!
Full qualifying features allow qualifying on any lane 'on-the-fly', and eliminates ties by using Qualifiers' three best times!
Flexible ladder (bracket) options allow Elimination, Round Robin, or SitOuts.
"MoveUps" and racers "On the Bubble" shown at the end of each race.
Advance printing of upcoming races allows you to post a complete racing schedule!
Print any number of copies of complete results at the end of races and qualifying.
Event name and Class names ("Modified", "Stock", etc.) that you create appear on all reports, along with the time and date of the race.
Convenient manual race mode available for individual or informal races.
System Requirements:

Works with 486, 386, or 286 AT-compatible computers (386 or higher is recommended)
Works with VGA, EGA, or even CGA monitors
Works with mouse and/or keyboard
Requires minimum of DOS 5.0, but also very compatible with Windows 95
Used for (1) race season...Works awesome....(Interface cable will need to be purchased seperately for this card to connect to your track)

Interface card copyright date: 1993

Software Version : 1.09, Copyright 1993, 1994 (Software comes on a 3.5" Floppy disk, or can be downloaded from the Lanemaster Web site)

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