MASCAR 2004-2005 Race Series!

1. September 25, 2004 Kempsville Raceway - Shawn Molter T-jet/ss
2. October 30, 2004 North Carolina Speedway - Ron Brna T-jet/Mod
3. November 20, 2004 Collective Chaos - Hayes Virginia T-jet/ss
4. December 11, 2004 Terror Dome Speedway - Bob Hall T-jet/Mod
5. January 8, 2005 The Apocalypse - Vernon Dew T-jet/Mod

The remaining dates will follow later due to the potential of some specialty races coming in the future. Hope to see everyone at the races. We are all looking forward to this season because of all the new cars now available. Any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail me or call.

MASCAR President
Stephen Jones