Well the first Indy race on my new oval is over.Tom O rilely ' Loss of traction and the youngster Charile from louisville ans i had a great time.I got my clock cleaned.We race hard top Indy's Ro.The wizz scopions and storms blew my Ro 440X2'S UP.I have to start using bigfoot brushes.We had 3 qualifying 5 lap time trials for the pole/Won by Loss of traction/Then we had 20 10 lap features crash and burn to make up the 200 lap Indy.Loss of traction pulled out a close victory over the young Charlie,Whatch out Breezwood' Young Charlie will be their so beware.Well Wizz i need a storm after the nationals so i will call for one then.It was something to race which such good racers.Loseing is even fun when you see 4 RO's smokeing around the track/Well thanks guys for coming and I'LL BE BACK INDY BOB