Hey Fellas,

I'm hosting my 1st race on December 19th. It's a last minute/change of venue race because we are unable to have the race at it's original location.

Unfortunately, I won't have all of the bells and whistles going off as planned because my slated date was for April 10th, but I guess the most important part is that the track is running and the timing system is in place.

Doors open at 9am and racing starts at 1pm. SS followed by 3ohm Modified are the classes of the day. $5.00 per class/$10 for the day.

If I'm able to do a Friday practice day and/or night, I will definitely let you guys know.

You can email me or hit me on the cell if you plan to attend so that I can be certain to accomodate you. I have comfortable room for 22 cats or for 24 racers if I need to scoop up another table to fit everyone.

It's a TKO track. 5 x 18 and 93ft of running length. Mack Pack Power supply.


Rick Carter
106 Eastern Parkway
Newark Heights, NJ 07106
Rick Carter