Vintage Aurora Slot Car Racers Association
Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and

Guys Its that time of year again for our race a the hobby shop in Pittsburgh, Pa. Doors will open at 10:00 am for everyone to start practice. For our out of town guest please me know on who is all coming please.

January 23rd 2010 48 t-jet Anniversary race -Vintage
Trans Am (Trans Am Series Race Cars, 1964 - 1972)
AB Charles Hobby Shop in PITTSBURGH, PA

Shop Address :
1635 Mcfarland Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Doors open at 10:00AM TECH AT 11:30AM RACING AT NOON SHARP

Planned race events:

1. Stock class T-jets with Vintage Trans Am (Trans Am Series Race Cars, 1964 - 1972) car bodies
Round Robid timed heats at 3:00 minute heats.

If anyone has any questions please e-mail us please.

2. Super stock T-jets
For this race we will be running in the Super stock class
One - two minute qualifying run with a two minute main
One person moving up to a different main AND THE A MAIN WILL BE FOR THE WINNER.

Thanks Joe