The whole south east part of Virginia was under our first snow fall, and temps fell to 19 degrees approaching Ronnie Jamerson's Church Hill Raceway, on 17 North of Gloucester. I didn't expect a big crowd, as the plenty of our regulars couldn't make it, but we did get 13 runners to keep it interesting. Ray Etheridge was here, taking a break from college, and before heading to Cali for the Fray. Shawn and Dylan Molter were back in their father and son comeback season. Dale White brought his grandson, Brandon Claar, for his first race. Marshall Tucker made a rare appearance and was quick from the get go. Vern Dew, visiting from NC, but motor issues plagued him all day, keeping his G3 from challenging, as it should. Steve Jones, did his patented lackadaisical qualifier, which put him with the kids in the round robin, but that didn't matter as he won the round robin from Jeff Crabtree, Tom Bowman and Marshall Tucker. The mains were interesting as Ronnie and Vern were stuck in the C, but Ronnie cut a good total, and Vern didn't, as he didn't change his motor until the race was half over. Dale, Brandon and Dylan were banging around, having fun. The B saw Ray setting the pace, followed closely by Shawn and Mark Smith. Robby Whiteed and Dan Mueller had their own battle in the B. The A main had Tom and Marshall going back and forth, and ahead of them Steve and Jeff with the quick ones.
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Next race T-Jets visit the high banks of the Chesapeake Mile on February 16th,
this is tune up for the Thunder Cup, May 11th.
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